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Casement air conditioners are essentially window units but are designed for narrower windows that swing outwards or slide across rather than those that slide up and down. These are sometimes also known as a slider air conditioner unit. They are self contained units, or packed terminal units, as all the mechanisms are contained within one large compartment.

The obvious advantages to casement air conditioners are that they are low cost, do not require additional electrical wiring and are easy to install. The downside is that they may need to be removed during winter as they can occasionally get a little drafty. There are some casement cooling units that can provide additional heating but you may need to spend a bit more for these. If you only have one space to cool it would be far more beneficial to get a casement or unit air conditioner as they are cheaper than a central air conditioner both to buy and to run.

Casement units are only suitable for cooling one room and you do need to ensure that the size of the unit is sufficient for the size of the room. If the unit is too big it will cool the room too quickly and it will switch on and off constantly, using up more energy than is necessary. Not only will this be more expensive to operate but it will also cause the air in the room to feel clammy and damp as the air conditioner will not be able to effectively remove excess humidity. If the unit is too small it will simply run all the time without sufficiently cooling the room. You need to measure both the window and the room in order to determine what size you need and to ensure the casement air conditioner you select will fit into the chosen window.

These units are also good if you need additional cooling support for a central system in one room of the house, such as computer room, but they would not be the most cost effective or practical way of cooling an entire house or building.











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