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Amana air conditioners are among the most dependable and most sought after in the industry, which is why Amana has been able to so firmly establish itself as a world trend setter. Consumers from all over the globe associate Amana air conditioning units with the highest degrees of comfort, quality and performance - all of which has come from nearly a century of learning and experience.

The company has tried to maintain an emphasis on quality and affordability - in other words, the comfort Amana offers can be enjoyed by everyone! Checks are involved in every stage of the production process all the way through to the packaging. On top of this Amana air conditioners come with a one of the strongest warranties on the market - so consumers can rest easy.

The company's main plant in Tennessee was the first to be labeled and registered as ISO 9001 Standard - before any other in the entire industry. This is one of the company's biggest achievements as this is one of the most recognized global industry standards and is also definitely one of the most demanding and comprehensive standards around. With constant technological advancements and innovations in the field of engineering we can expect Amana to be at the forefront of the industry for years to come.

To maintain the quality at all levels the company also requires retailers and suppliers to also meet a set of standards - quality parts and quality sales service go a long way to retaining customers and gaining additional consumer support. All Amana units also come with an optional long term service protection plan called “Asure” that supplies coverage past the standard warranty period. On top of all this technicians, sales, and customer service staff have been specifically trained to assist you on any queries regarding technical specifications, installation, and maintenance in a courteous and professional manner

Currently the new Amana Distinctions wave of air conditioning systems, heat pumps and furnaces are all the range providing effective, energy efficient, dependable comfort to your home.

Own an Amana air conditioner and want to contact the company? - Please write to:

Amana Contacts

Consumer Affairs

7401 Security Way

Houston , TX 77040

Or please call 1-877-254-4729 to speak to a representative.




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