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An outdoor Stress Free Zone is
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Hatteras Hammocks.

Stress. It’s all around us from the workplace to the front lawn and everywhere in between. Homeowners today truly strive ot make their homes into a combination castle and spa to relax and unwind after a busy day.

The trend is set to continue into the backyard, where one way you can decrease your stress level is by creating a “Stress-Free Zone” (SFZ).

No matter what your space limitations are, an SFZ can create the sensation of island breezes gently rocking you while your stress seems to just melt away.

Ready to begin? The most important thing you’ll need is a hammock. It’s a comfortable place to kick back and put up your feet, right in your backyard. There are three basic points to consider before buying a hammock: construction quality, general styling and accessories, and care.

Find the perfect hammock for your Zone

Construction is the most important factor because there are safety issues involved. But don’t stress if you’re not a hammock expert.

“Pay attention to the weight and amount of rope in the bed,” says Laurie Rudd, Creative Director for Hatteras Hammocks. “The more rope there is, the stronger and the more comfortable the hammock will be.” Heavy-duty steel end hardware also should come with your hammock for hanging safely. Make sure the structure where you will hang it can hold the weight you plan to place inside. Most hammocks are made for two-person lounging with a weight capacity in excess of 400 lbs.

Accessorize Your Way to Relaxation

When it comes to relaxation, accessories are key. With the ability to be placed on any flat surface, a hammock stand opens up all kinds of opportunities for your Zone to move anywhere that feels right. The most popular and safest stands available are made of steel and easily assemble without the need for any tools. Most hammock stands can hold 450 to 600 pounds.

The next most popular accessory is the hammock pillow. Weather resistant fabrics are used to craft large, beautiful hammock pillows that accommodate two-person relaxing. Add to those stress-relieving features any wheel kits, canopies, rocking kits, misters, drink holders, storage bags, or portable tree straps, and you’ll definitely start to feel “in the Zone.”

Stress-less Hammock Care

Maintaining your hammock for years to come does not have to be stressful either. Quality hammocks are built for long life in the outdoors and easy clean up. A mild soap solution removes most outdoor dirt while keeping it out of direct sunlight and rain when possible also will give you years of enjoyment and stress-free relaxation.

Take a Deep Breath

After a day at the office or a day in the yard, you deserve the comfort and beauty of your own surroundings. Complete your SFZ with soft music, aromatherapy and a frosty glass of lemonade. Then sit back and feel your cares slipping away on the warm breeze with each soothing sway. For more information, including how to find a Hatteras Hammocks dealer in your area, visit the Hatteras Hammocks Website at

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