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Hot air popcorn machines are the healthy way to pop corn because by using hot air alone you eliminate the need for oil. The result is a much healthier snack; low in fat and high in fiber. A bowl of approximately 80 grams of hot air popped popcorn contains as little as 300 calories but adding any salt or other flavorings means adding calories. The next biggest advantage to hot air popcorn machines is that because the air circulates evenly throughout the kettle fewer kernels are left unpopped when compared to the more conventional oil based methods.

It's these benefits that have made hot air popcorn machines more popular than oil based poppers but they are also easier to keep because they require very little maintenance and cleaning is quick and easy. The biggest advantage to the vendor is probably the fact that because they don't use oil there is no need to constantly refill it, leaving staff to focus on customers and other tasks. Hot air popcorn poppers are fairly economical, light weight and easy to use but the absence of hot oil doesn't necessarily make them any safer. Hot air can burn just as badly as oil so caution is advised.

Hot Air Top Picks - Rival, Nostalgia Electrics

When using hot air popcorn machines at home its wise to read the safety instructions and warnings in the booklet, particularly where children are involved. Machines to look out for are the upright, space-saving models like Nostalgia Electrics' OFP501 Movietime Popcorn Popper and the Rival PP25 Popcorn Popper. These machines push popcorn out through a spout at the front and sometimes unpopped kernels can shoot out, burning children. It's not a common occurrence and incidents such as these can easily be avoided if the instructions carefully read. Obviously hot air can also cause a nasty burn so never stand directly in front of the machine and always supervise use when children are present. Another tip is not to use metal bowls to catch the freshly popped kernels because this will get hot.


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