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Gold medal popcorn poppers
Gold Medal popcorn machines are among the most popular for commercial use but they also carry a wide range of countertop models ideal for use at home. The Gold Medal company is well know for being the leading source for concession equipment with everything from cotton candy makers to sno-cone machines. Most of their equipment is praised as being reliable, extremely durable and attractive but this sort of quality doesn't come cheap. It's easy enough to find other models for far less than what you would pay for even the smallest Gold Medal popper and for home use these may be sufficient. However, if you're looking for a large commercial quality popcorn machine then it is certainly worth checking the Gold Medal range.

Gold Medal popcorn machines are categorized according to kettle sizes so you'll need to have some idea of how much popcorn you'll be popping before you start shopping for one. Kettle sizes range from small 6 to 8 ounce capacity, medium sizes from 12 to 16 ounces and the larger models go from 18 to 66 ounces. The Super88 is a favorite among consumers searching for the perfect home countertop unit because it is compact enough to be moved easily, economical enough to be affordable and large enough to produce sufficient popcorn for school events, kids parties and other similar gatherings. It also comes with the Gold Medal E-Z Kleen kettle which is a bonus as it makes cleaning up much quicker and easier.

Other popular Gold Medal popcorn machines include the Astro Pop, Pop-O-Gold and, the largest in their range, the Twin Grand Medallion Popper which has a capacity of 130 quarts. If there's one thing Gold Medal is good at aside from quality its design. Gold Medal popcorn machines come in a variety of designs with numerous options for carts, colors and style so you can customize your popcorn machine to suit your individual needs and personal preferences. Carts and bases are interchangeable so you can use a carts for special occasions, like birthday parties, and use a countertop base for use indoors.

Gold Medal popcorn machines are made from stainless steel and aluminum with powder coated frames making them extremely hard-wearing. Most models also come with an E-Z Kleen kettle, a Clean-in-Place kettle or a the Whiz Bang kettle all designed to make cleaning as quick and easy as possible. Another feature common among most Gold Medal popcorn poppers is the twin arm kettle suspension which takes up less space than other conventional designs and secures the kettle in place without making it difficult to remove.


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