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What Are the Options When Choosing A Kitchen Aid Mixer?

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Some say a KitchenAid mixer is the epitome of what ‘made in America’ used to mean. These professional mixers are strong, sturdy, reliable, made for the long haul and likely to outlast even their owners. The first mixer was developed in 1908 and since that time very little has changed to the basic design.

The Smithson Institute recently honored the mixer by calling it an ‘American Icon’ and placing it in their museum in Washington D.C.

There are two main types of Kitchen Aid mixers, the stand mixer and the hand mixer. The stand mixers can be broken down into two further types the tilt-head stand mixer and the bowl lift stand mixer. The tilt head stand mixers range from under $300 to more than $500, whereas the bowl lift stand mixers range from $300 plus to more than $500.

KitchenAid stand mixer’s metal construction makes it heavy and difficult to move, so it pays to keep them in one spot. If you purchase further accessories, such as a tin opener it can help to justify keeping the appliance on the bench where it is easily accessible. However, some of the models come in a huge array of colors (almond cream, imperial black, cobalt blue, cranberry, crystal blue, citron, caviar, empire red, empire green, grape, imperial grey, ice, lemon, lavender, metallic chrome, meyer lemon, majestic yellow, onyx black, pistachio, tangerine and white).

There is also a huge range of accessories and attachments that can be fitted to the mixers including: A can opener, citrus juicer, fruit tray, fruit and vegetable strainer and grinder, fruit and vegetable strainer parts, gourmet attachment pack, grain mill, ice cream maker, mixer attachment pack, mixer attachment pack with juicer, paster maker, pasta maker plates, pasta maker plates, pasta roller, ravioli maker, roto slicer with shredder, sausage stuffer skit, C- dough hook burnished, C – dough hook coated, flat beater burnished, flat beater coated, pouring shield, spiral dough hook burnished, spiral dough hook coated and wire whip. There is also a selection of different bowls that can be purchased as well as a special mixer cloth cover that can help to keep your mixer clean.

KitchenAid hand mixers have a lot lighter motors than the stand mixers but they are still relatively powerful. The hand mixers range from three speeds to nine speeds. Like the stand mixers they are also more expensive than your average mixers, but you are paying for a quality product. Depending on the speed, you can expect to pay approximately $50 to just under $100 for a new one.

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