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Just as a good carpenter needs a proper set of tools, a great cook also needs the right kitchen equipment. Having the professional equipment and can make preparing and cooking food so much easier. There are no hard and fast rules on what you need and don’t need in the kitchen, but here are a few guidelines to help you get off to a good start.

When looking at pots and pans keep in mind that aluminum and copper are the best heat conductors. However, all commercial copper pots and pans are extremely expensive and they can tarnish easily.

Aluminum pots and pans can react with foods made with eggs or acidic ingredients such as tomatoes and lemon. Good alternatives can include: Heavy stainless steel pots/pan that have a copper bottom, pots/pans clad with aluminum that is placed between stainless steel, and aluminum pans treated by a process called anodization. This process creates non-corrosive cookware which has good heat conducting properties.

When selecting non-stick pans, don’t splash out on the most expensive ones. This is because all non-stick coatings eventually become damaged over time. However, don’t opt for the cheapest on the shelf either, try to look for a moderately priced pan that is relatively heavy. If you follow the correct care instructions it should last for at least three to five years.

Even though you won’t be using a roasting pan on a daily basis (unless you're a professional that is!), it is worth spending money on a quality product. When selecting a roasting pan, look for one that is shallow, heavy-weight and a good conductor of heat. If you plan on roasting a turkey in your pan, make sure it will be big enough to hold the turkey with no part of the bird, poking outside the pan, otherwise the juices will drip into the oven. Also make sure your pan comes with a rack or trivet to keep the bird out of the drippings and allow heat to circulate to the underside of the bird.




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