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Omega 1000 juicer:

Juicers Omega 1000, 4000, 8003

Original classic centrifugal juicer design; it's very similar to the 500 model but comes with a stainless steel bowl rather than plastic. It also comes with an optional filter to keep any unwanted pulp out of the juice. Using the filter also makes clean-up much quicker. Using the 1000 juicer without the filter does mean the clean-up will be slightly more time consuming but for anyone who likes a bit of pulp in their freshly squeezed fruit juice it is worth the little extra effort. The 1000 juicer has been approved for commercial use which indicates that it is a reliable and durable unit ideal for regular use. Aside from it's heavy-duty stainless steel construction, the 1000 juicer is one of the first centrifugal juicers to boast cantilever latch arms that make using this machine much easier. In fact, the latch arms mean arthritis sufferers can use this unit on a regular basis without irritating their condition. Omega's 1000 juicer comes with a warranty of ten years with one year on the blades.

Omega 4000 juicer:

The 4000 juicer is simply an improvement on the earlier 1000 model and includes a pulp extractor for continuous use. A large bin is used to catch the pulp and it even comes with a bin liner to make cleaning that much easier. Made from heavy-duty polycarbonate and stainless steel this unit is just as reliable and durable as the 1000 juicer, if not, better. It comes with a fifteen year warranty for both home and commercial use.

Omega 8003 juicer:

Omega's 8003 juicer is a single gear masticating juicer that is recognized as one of the best on the market in terms of it's performance, versatility and good value for money. The 8003 will juice fruit and vegetables as well as being capable of handling wheatgrass and other leafy greens such as celery. In order to ensure that no nutrients are lost in the juicing process the 8003 juicer has a low speed of just 80 RPMs to avoid heating and foam. The Omega 8005 juicer is pretty much the same model with no obvious differences aside from the color. The 8003 is white whereas the 8005 model is chrome for a more modern finish. Both come with a ten year warranty.

To summarize:

Omega juicers a reputed as being very good value for money in terms of efficiency, quality and performance. Generally they are easy to clean and durable juicers that are fairly economical when compared to other models in the a same class.

Omega 8003 & 8005 juicers are good all-rounders because they can cope with a variety of the fruits and vegetables including leafy greens such as celery and wheatgrass. Ideal for those intending to juice vegetables and hard fruits on a regular basis as they are quite durable but for anyone looking to juice leafy greens regularly it may be worth investing in a juicer made specifically for that function.

The Omega 1000 & 4000 juicers are a good choice for juicing mostly fruits although they can cope with a variety of vegetables too.



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