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Jack LaLanne juicers are made popular by the man who gave his name to the product. Jack LaLanne is well known throughout the US for being the first to open modern health spas in 1936 and for introducing exercise to our TV screens in 1951. A pioneer in health and fitness, Jack LaLanne endorsed the power juicer to further encourage healthier lifestyles but the question: is are Jack LaLanne juicers really good value for money?

One of the biggest selling points for Jack LaLanne power juicers is a wide feed chute, three inches in diameter, that virtually eliminates the need to prepare fruit for juicing. The other major plus is the large pulp ejector which enables fast and continuous juicing without having to empty the centrifugal basket. However, there are other juicers on the market that have the same features, such as Breville and Omega, so what is that makes the power juicer worth while?

There is little doubt that the key to success for Jack LaLanne's power juicer is the amount of publicity is receives through infomercials. However, juicer reviews posted by consumers seem to suggest that the power juicer is in fact a good buy. Juicer reviews have mostly been very positive about Jack LaLanne power juicers saying they produce plenty of juice efficiently and effectively. Most consumers are generally very happy with their purchase but the good rarely comes without the bad. Some consumers have complained about having too many parts to clean which makes the job more time consuming than they would prefer. While the eight removable parts are dishwasher safe and usually only require a quick rinse, it's putting them all back in that takes time.

Another problem that crops up occasionally in juicer reviews is the fact that, despite the high output motor and surgical stainless steel blade, the power juicer does sometimes have trouble taking fruit in. Jack LaLanne juicers are fairly reliable when it comes to juicing most fruits but they are not the most versatile juicer on the market so they may have trouble with some vegetables.

Centrifugal juicers are generally best for juicing fruit but for those looking for a more flexible juicer capable of coping with vegetables, wheatgrass and other leafy greens it would be best to invest in a masticating juicer such as the Omega range. Breville juicers are a good alternative if you are looking for a centrifugal juicer because they also come with a wide feed chute. However, they also come with a better warranty as well as being highly recommended by independent reviewers and consumers.

If you are considering a Jack LaLanne juicer then it may be worth opting for the deluxe juicer. The deluxe model is essentially the same as the power juicer but comes with a few added extras. A juicer platform used to raise the unit in order to accomodate the measuring cup or a glass; an overflow platform which used to catch any excess juice; a measuring cup with a 5 cup capacity used for measuring ingredients and a filter brush used to clean pulp from the filter. You can also purchase the deluxe juicer with a free Jack LaLanne recipe book for ideas on juices and other uses for the leftover pulp.



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