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je95xl juicer, 800jexl and the Breville je900

je95xl juicer, 800jexl and the Breville je900

Breville juicers have been said to be some of the best on the market with the JE95XL fountain juicer having been voted as the best in it's class by independent testers. Breville's range of fountain juicers have certainly been giving Jack LaLanne a run for his money and with their three inch wide feed chutes, they have proven a worthy contender. All models in this range have the characteristic wide chute which has been one of the main attractions but they also have a number of other redeeming features. These features include things like a slide-out pulp ejector, mesh filter, a design made for easy cleaning (complete with dishwasher safe parts) and safety lock to prevent operation if the unit hasn't been properly assembled.

One of the biggest selling points for Breville juicers, aside from the wide chute, is speed. Breville juicers can produce a quart of juice in just one minute making them some of the fastest on the market. This is all very well for those who are in a hurry but for those who wish to get the most out of their juice it may be wiser to invest in a masticating juicer. The problem with speed is that it produces heat and causes oxidation which then destroys some of the vitamins and nutrients in the juice.

The following is a breakdown of four of Breville's most popular fountain juicers and their key features:

Breville's JE-900 juicer is the fastest of the four models discussed on this page with a top speed of 14,500 RPMs. At almost 14 inches in length and 18 inches high it is a large unit that would take up a fair amount of space on the countertop. However, the JE900 juicer is a robust machine capable of coping with regular daily use making it perfect for a large, health conscious family.

The next model up is the JE95 juicer. Along with the usual features it comes with a two speed option (maximum speed of 14,000RPMs), a one liter jug, dishwasher safe parts and it automatically adjusts to the juicing load for optimum performance. Aside from these features there is very little difference between the JE95 juicer and the JE-900. Where the JE-900 has a black finish the JE95 is white but both are durable, commercial quality and sturdy machines that can cope with a large work load.

The JE95XL juicer is an updated version of the JE95 and so it functions in a very similar way. While the improvements aren't necessarily visible the difference is certainly clear in the performance as this machine has been very well received by consumers worldwide. It was voted best in it's class by the Australian magazine Choice and has proven popular in the United States as well. It rotates at a slightly slower speed than the other two (13,000RPMs) but still produces plenty of juice in a short amount of time. The JE95XL juicer is definitely worth consideration by all avid juicers.

Another one of Breville’s more expensive high models is the 800JEXL juicer. This is a powerful commercial quality juicer that functions at more or less the same level as the JE95XL but with one extra perk: a foam skimmer that comes attached to the large pitcher. The other difference is in the design; the 800JEXL takes up less space on the countertop so it is a reliable alternative for consumers with limited kitchen space.

Overall, Breville juicers have been well received and reviews have suggested that these machines are good value for money, reliable and sturdy; although it has to be said that a one year warranty isn't the best in the industry. There are other models on the market with warranties of up to 3 years so this may be something to consider if you think you'll be using your juicer on a daily basis. The only real complaints have been about the noise; Breville juicers are said to be up to 20 percent louder than most other juicers in the same class.





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