Dishwasher Parts

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Dishwasher Parts

As a complicated modern appliance, with hundreds of different models on sale, the various parts that work together to ensure your dishwasher does its job properly are many and varied. However, most modern dishwashers, including top brands like Kenmore, Bosch and Whirlpool, share the same general parts.

Parts for most dishwashers can be purchased online, allowing you to save money by repairing your own machine. Here is a brief description of some of the major dishwasher parts you should be familiar with.

Actuator – Channels the water either to the spray arms or the drain.

Drain – Where the water is removed from the washing machine.

Fan – Some dishwashers including Bosch and Kenmore models have a fan to aid the drying of dishes.

Float – This dishwasher part signals the water inlet valve to stop letting in water when the correct amount is present.

Heating Element – Used to heat the water to the correct wash temperature and may also heat the air to dry the dishes.

Motor and Motor assembly – Powers the pump. Some dishwashers have a two-way motor that pumps the used water out of the drain when it is in reverse.

Pump – Powered by the motor, the pump forces water into the spray arms to clean your dishes.

Thermostat – Found even in Whirlpool dishwashers these parts prevent the dishwasher from overheating.

Timer – Regulates the length of each part of the washing cycle.

Washing Arm - Force of the water coming from the pump makes the washing arms rotate and sprays high pressure water onto the dirty dishes to clean them. Some dishwashers have one spray arm and some have two.

Water Inlet Valve – Fills the washing tub with the correct amount of water.

And that’s our summary of common dishwasher parts.






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