Countertop Dishwashers

What is available: Maytag and Danby

Countertop Dishwashers

Countertop dishwashers are a super-compact cleaning solution particularly effective for small loads. As the name suggests, countertop dishwashers are small enough to sit on your kitchen bench. Most range in scale from the same size as a microwave to around the same size as a 20 inch television set.

Most countertop models do not require the services of a plumber, as they are not permanently installed. Rather, they connect directly to the kitchen sink faucets in a few seconds with easy to use hose hookups. This fool-proof connection system and their compact and portable size makes countertop dishwasher units ideal for casual use in offices, vacation homes, mobile homes and houseboats.

And students, small families, or people living alone will appreciate the convenience of such a small dishwasher. Because of their size, countertop dishwashers also conserve precious water, electricity and detergent.

Portable and Compact Countertop Partners - Danby, Maytag and More

Being designed to sit on bench tops also means that countertop dishwashers are helpful to the elderly and those with poor backs, for whom constantly bending over to load and unload standard units can be a painful experience.

Well respected brands of electric-powered countertop dishwashers include Danby, Haier Equator and Maytag. But there are even types of portable countertop dishwashers, such as one from Carocelle, that operates without electricity. Instead these ingenious machines are powered by the pressure of the hot water tap it is connected to, which spins the cleaning spray arms. However, the quality of clean obtained by such non-electric powered countertop dishwashers is far inferior to traditional models.












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