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Commercial Dishwashers
Many different businesses today benefit from owning a sturdy commercial dishwasher. From restaurants and pubs, to hotels, catering companies and the care and leisure industries, they all need to ensure that their dishes are washed quickly for re-use, but also that they are spotlessly clean. After all, it’s only your cooking that you want to attract attention, not the dish it arrives on.

Since they are often hidden in the back of large commercial kitchen areas, noise is not usually as much of a concern with commercial dishwashers as energy efficiency and the quality of the clean. Such heavy duty models sit undercounter and generally operate at a higher wash temperature than domestic dishwashers.

The reason for this is that higher wash temperatures ensure the destruction of more germs on the dishes, which is particularly important in the commercial catering and hospitality industries.

Commercial Models Available - Hobart and More

Depending on your specific needs and budget, there are many options available. Styles range from upright commercial dishwashers to undercounter dishwashers and conveyor-belt systems. There are even commercial units for specific jobs – be it glass washers or pot and pan cleaning machines. For extremely busy workplaces, conveyor-belt style washers are a God-send, allowing huge quantities of dishes to be thoroughly cleaned in a short space of time. However, conveyor belt systems are not only very large, but also the most expensive type of commercial washer available. In fact, many medium-sized catering companies can make do with a double drawer undercounter style model.

Hobart has received particular acclaim with regards to commercial cleaning. There ranges include Flight Type, FastTrack Conveyor Systems and the simpler standard Conveyor Type.












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