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If you are in the market for a new dishwasher and you like the sound of silence, then make sure you check out the Bosch dishwasher range. Bosch has some of the quietest dishwashers available, with some owners saying they have to touch them to see if they are actually running. However, while they are big on being quiet they also come with a relatively big price tag.

If you can stomach spending, sometimes up to twice as much, as you would on other brands, then a Bosch dishwasher is a great choice. As well as being very quiet, they clean exceptionally well and they will also look good in your kitchen. Bosch is definitely at the high-end of the dishwasher market and they claim their dishwashers have become the benchmark of the industry.

Available From Bosch

Bosch offers different styles (Integra Vision, Integrated Design, Integra Design, Distinctive Design, Slimline and the DLX Series) and a variety of colors.

All Bosch dishwashers have an environmental conscience; each model has qualified for the Energy Star label which means they exceed efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Energy.

A device called a Sensotronic sensor, senses soil levels and adjusts the amount of water and the length of cycles needed to adequately clean each load. This function is responsible for saving up to 30 percent in water and energy use per year. A Bosch (integrated, but may not include smaller slimline models) dishwasher can also clean a full load while using only 3.1 gallons.

Other functions that deserve a mention are the ‘top rack only wash’, the ‘delay start’, and the lack of heating elements in the bottom of the machine. The top rack only wash is a great energy saving device that allows you to wash and dry only the top rack of dishes. The delay start function is great if you want to put the dishwasher on before you forget, but you don’t want it to start immediately. Some models also heat the water before it gets pumped into the unit, so there is no need for a heating element at the bottom which is often responsible for warping plastic ware.

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