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If you are keen to be green with your dishwashing, make sure you take a look at an Asko dishwasher. Asko dishwashers are some of the most environmentally friendly and reliable kitchen appliances available. An Asko model uses as little as 194 kWh per year, official website,, claims this is less than any other full-size dishwasher including other Energy Star units.

All Asko models qualify for the Energy Star Rating, which means they exceed energy saving guidelines set down by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Energy.

Asko dishwashers use less than four gallons of water compared to the 7-10 gallons used by most standard dishwashers. Over a year, an Asko dishwasher can save you more than 1,000 gallons each year. Asko models also use less detergent than most other brands – only one and a half tablespoons.

However, while you will save money in the long-run (reliability) by purchasing a machine from Asko, be prepared for the big price tag, which may seem hard to justify when other brands premium models can be purchased for nearly half the price.

Key Asko functions and features that deserve a mention include: Turbo fan drying system, mixed load cycle and powerzone. Turbo fan drying function is a time-saving feature that mixes hot, humid air inside with cool, dry air from outside. The condensed moisture is then drained into the bottom of the tank.

The powerzone wash system is used to clean those hard to clean items by using water jets from below and above. The mixed cycle load feature automatically adjusts water pressure so at the same time you can clean fine crystal in the top rack while washing heavily soiled bulky items in the bottom rack.

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