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America can rightly claim credit for inventing possibly the ultimate labor-saving device: the dishwasher. Welcome to Guide4Home’s online dishwashing review where we try and give you as much information as possible, including dishwasher quality ratings. It is an appliance that many people simply couldn’t image living without in the 21st century, but without the hard work and inspiration of a few industrious individuals back in the middle of the 19th century we might all still be hand washing to this day.

Yes, it was all the way back in 1850 that Joel Houghton secured the first patent for a wooden machine that splashed water on to dirty dishes with the aid of a hand-turned wheel. But, of course, it took a woman to take Houghton’s impractical and frankly ineffective idea to the next level.

In 1886 Shelbyville, Illinois resident Josephine Cochran created the first dishwasher which actually did the job it was designed for. Her machine was unveiled at the 1893 World Fair, where it captured the attention of hotel and restaurant owners. Eventually Cochran’s company became the KitchenAid brand, which still produces top quality dishwashers to this day.

Review on Dishwashers - What to Expect

Since dishwashers are now a common part of everyday life, it is easy to take for granted how convenient and hygienic an addition they are to our lives. It has been calculated in several studies that owning a dishwasher will save you 2 to 3 weeks every year in laborious hand washing and drying time. In a world where leisure time is precious, can you afford to be without the services of a dishwasher?

The other primary reason for owning a dishwasher is the high level of sanitary cleanliness they provide. Modern dishwashers are such a boon to health because they kill many times more germs and bacteria than hand washing can possibly achieve. There are three reasons why dishwashers offer such a superior hygienic clean. Firstly, they wash at a much higher temperature than the human hand can withstand – which kills a very high percentage of bacteria. Secondly, the multiple rinses employed in new dishwashers ensure a sparkling clean, with no food or detergent residues. Finally, air drying is a much more sanitary method than hand towel drying, which often adds bacteria back onto clean dishes.

Today there are under-counter models to suit every lifestyle, kitchen design and personal taste. From full size built in under-counter models that can deal with 14 place settings, through to tiny countertop models perfect for small kitchens, and even the new independent drawer style dishwashers – the choice is getting better by the day.

But, with so many different dishwasher options available to today’s consumer, it can be difficult to know just which model is right for you (hopefully our reviews and advice will help!)

It’s important to realize that the most expensive dishwashers do not necessarily do the best job. Neither are they the most energy and water efficient, or the quietest running. With the help of this dishwasher guide you will be empowered to ask the right questions and know what you want from your appliance.


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