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What models are available - Gold Medal and Rival

Home cotton candy makers
Cotton candy is a favorite among children of all ages so it comes as no surprise that most home cotton candy makers are aimed at children. Many of these are cheap or affordable and designed to be used by children but don't be fooled, these machines aren't necessarily childs-play. The fact is that cotton candy machines can be dangerous and the danger is obvious: they use heat to melt the sugar. This doesn't mean you shouldn't get one it simple means you need to exercise a certain amount of caution when choosing and using your home cotton candy maker.

A lot of the cheap models found in deparment stores can be more of a hazard than anything else and in some cases they simply aren't up to the task. Plastic bowls crack, they take a long time to heat up and cool down, they are difficult to clean and they use a lot of sugar to produce a small amount of cotton candy. In short, do your homework. Don't make a beeline for Wal-Mart and grab the cheapest model from the shelf because you're likely to be disappointed.

Gold Medal are an obvious choice when it comes to quality but they can be quite expensive and are not necessarily the only option. By shopping around, testing a variety of different models and reading consumer reviews you should be able to find a home cotton candy maker to suit your needs and your pocket.

Nostalgia Electrics manufacture a home cotton candy maker that has proven so popular it is second only to Gold Medal. The main appeal of this model is its design. With two small wheels, a pink cart and gold writing on the side it is very reminiscent of carnivals and fairgrounds which makes it perfect as a gift. It has recieved a fair number of positive reviews with consumers praising the machine on ease of use, easy to clean, novel and fun.

Another popular brand of home cotton candy makers is the Rival CC100 model. It's a simple machine that comes with a base and a bowl minus the frills found in some of the other brands. Reviews have been mostly positive saying that this unit is easy to use, easy to clean, produces a fair amount of cotton candy for it's size and is ideal for families. It's certainly not commercial quality but it is good value for money and perfect for small family gatherings.

Quite often people buy home cotton candy makers with unrealistic expectations. Machines designed for home use are not commercial quality so you can't expect fairground portions at the same speed or price; you'll only be disappointed. The other issue most often complained about is the amount of mess made and difficulties with cleaning it up. Melting sugar is a sticky business and it is going leave a mess so don't expect the clean-up to be a breeze.

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