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Gold Medal cotton candy machines first made an appearance in 1949 when the company developed a more reliable mechanism to improve on the original design by William Morrison and John Wharton. The Nashville candy makers made the first electric candy floss machine in 1897 and it was an instant hit at the 1904 St Louis World's Fair where they sold 68,566 boxes for 25c each. As the demand for cotton candy grew so did the demand for reliable cotton candy machines and it was the Gold Medal company who stepped up to the challenge. Their improved design was such a success that they still dominate the industry today. Just about every cotton candy machine used at fairs, carnivals and other large events are made by Gold Medal.

All Gold Medal cotton candy machines are equipped with four carbon brushes and contact with the brass slip rings helps to prevent damage. The carbon brushes are 50 percent larger than in earlier models which helps minimize wear and extends the life of the brushes. These two features are what make Gold Medal cotton candy machines so durable and capable of outlasting many other brands on the market. Gold Medal carries a wide range of cotton candy machines for commercial and home use.

Popular models of home cotton candy makers:

Floss Boss - This is a good entry level machine ideal for home use and kids parties. It can produce one serving per minute and is one of the cheapest models in the Gold Medal range.

Econo Floss - Another good entry level machine at a decent price this model is perfect home use as well as larger gatherings such as block parties and community events. It can produce up to four servings per minute without using an excessive amount of electricity. It is a favorite because it can operate on as little as 10.5 amps making it one of the most economical machines on the market.

Pinkie Floss Cart - This one is a favorite for gifts because of its authentic street vendor design. It comes with a pink base and two cart style wheels. It is also easy to transport.

Mega Floss - This is a high performance single band model that can also operate on as little as 10.5 amps while still producing large amounts of cotton candy in a short space of time. It comes with an aluminum bowl and is extremely durable.

Gold Medal's commercial quality cotton candy machines are double band machines that come in a variety of designs. Most can be used on a large cart or wagon like base but many of the are also designed to be used on a counter or table top. Design is one of the main attractions for commercial models and Gold Medal cotton candy machines come in a huge variety of authentic and modern designs. Antique style designs are available in models such as the Candee Fluff Lobby Master range which comes with a four-wheeled wagon or the anitque style bases seen in the Unifloss range. Many commercial Gold Medal cotton candy machines are available with display cabinets along with extra room store extra supplies.

Gold Medal has a range of accessories like their cotton candy bags that come with a range of colors, prints and designs. There are also auto-baggers and kwik-lock bags, display trees, plain cones, shelving and containers for commercial use. Gold Medal also offer repair kits, repair services and replacement parts as well as some of the best warranties in the industry. Floss sugar, flavoring and colors are also available.


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