Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus digital cameras come with five different types of user in mind.

They recommend their Easy cameras for newcomers to photography, or for more advanced users who are looking for easy handling with fully automatic controls. Prices start at +-$100 for the C-150, which has 2.0 effective megapixels and 2.5x digital zoom (the equivalent of a 38mm lens on a 35mm camera). It comes with four scene programmes: portrait, landscape, night and self portrait. The large LCD monitor and movie recording make it a versatile and uncomplicated camera. The C-450Zoom has 4.0 megapixels and 3x optical zoom (35-105mm equivalent). It comes with image rotation, four scene programmes, panoramic or 2-in-1 photography and different modes for daylight, overcast, tungsten or fluorescent lighting. It also shoots movies of up to 15 frames per second (fps).

Their Stylish range combines a fashionable and compact metal camera body with quality results. The controls allow the beginner to shoot on automatic exposure and the more advanced user can have more creative control with the manual menu. The Mju 400 costs +-$400 and has 4.0 megapixels and 3x zoom (35-105mm equivalent). It is weatherproof, with light sensitivity of ISO 80/160/320, has five scene programmes for spontaneous snapshots, and makes movies of 15fps. For the same price, the C-50Zoom comes with 5.0 megapixels, 3x optical zoom (38-114mm equivalent) and six pre-set scenes. It has manual and spot metering for the more advanced photographer, and macro or panoramic photographic options.

For more sophisticated consumers the Creative cameras allow full control over the composition, but still retain the automated exposure modes for those spontaneous shots where you don't have time to work out the exposure yourself. Costing +-$400, the C-4000Zoom has 4.0 megapixels and 3x zoom (32-96mm equivalent), and prints up to A3. With six pre-set scenes, manual controls over aperture and shutter speeds, and a range of accessories including converter lenses and external flash, this is the set up for the enthusiast. For about +-$500 you can buy the C-770 Ultra Zoom, which has 4.0 megapixels and 10x optical zoom (38-380mm equivalent). It shoots MPEG4 movies with sound of up to 30fps, has six programmed scenes, shutter speed priority, aperture priority and manual functions. A camera with these skills means you don't need to take both a camcorder and a stills camera out with you.

The high end Olympus digital cameras are for the professional or semi-professional photographer. They combine top image quality with total artistic freedom in order to produce first class results. +-$500 will buy you the C-5050 with 5.0 megapixels and 3x zoom (35-105mm equivalent). This camera gives you full manual control over aperture, shutter speeds and focus, and has a tilting LCD screen to help when shooting from a difficult angle. Priced at +-$1200, the E-20 comes with 5.0 megapixels and 4x zoom (35-140mm equivalent). It has an SLR viewfinder and a tilt and swivel LCD screen so you get the best of both worlds. With program, aperture priority, shutter speed priority or fully manual modes, and a range of digital camera accessories, this camera approaches the standard of the Olympus SLR digital cameras in the compact camera form.

Finally, the SLR digital cameras have lenses, software and processing designed to produce extremely high quality photographs for the professional. The E-1's improved lens resolution and 5.0 effective megapixels push its price up to $2000 and make it a competitor for the other digital SLRs on the market.

For more information about Olympus digital cameras check out their site here.

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Digital Cameras
Olympus Digital Cameras


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