Nikon Digital Cameras

There are two types of Nikon digital camera: the COOLPIX range and the series of SLR digital cameras.

Nikon COOLPIX is a range of easy-to-use and stylish compact digital cameras that caters for everyone from the holiday snapper to the enthusiast.

Prices range from about $250 for a COOLPIX 2200 with 2.0 effective megapixels and 3x zoom, to +-$1500 for a COOLPIX 8700 with 8.0 effective megapixels and 8x zoom.

At the smaller end of the range is the COOLPIX 2200, which is designed for the beginner but also offers the more experienced photographer a compact and lightweight digital camera with simple operating functions. It features five colour options, so you can shoot in black and white, standard, vivid, sepia or cyanotype colours. There are fifteen pre-set scene modes for effortless point-and-shooting. The camera is compatible with both rechargeable and disposable batteries so you can always be ready to shoot.

The other end of the COOLPIX range gives the enthusiast more creative control over their output by allowing them to experiment with the controls in fully manual mode, but also retains the automatic features of the smaller cameras. The COOLPIX 8700 has 12 pre-set scene modes and adjusts the focus, flash and contrast according to the lighting conditions. You can even shoot mini-movies (with sound) of up to 30 frames per second (fps).

There is a range of digital camera accessories including Speedlight Flash, Telephoto and Wide-angle Converter lenses that are compatible with most COOLPIX cameras.

Nikon also produces digital SLR cameras for those who want professional image quality and performance.

The lightweight and ergonomic D100 Nikon digital camera has 6.1 effective megapixels. It will set you back around $2500 and is compatible with Nikon's Total Imaging System of accessories, including flash and lenses.

For photojournalism and sports, the D2H won't leave you much change from $5000 but can take 8 frames per second for up to 40 frames, and has 4.1 effective megapixels.

The new Nikon D70, with its 6.1 effective megapixels, makes the professional image quality of the D100 and D2H accessible to all digital camera users, whatever their level of experience. As the menu is written in plain English and with a larger font you don't need a degree in photography to take a family snapshot, but the power is there for when you fancy your chances as the new Mario Testino.

Take a look at the full range of Nikon digital cameras here.

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Digital Cameras
Nikon Digital Cameras


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