Kodak Digital Cameras

Kodak has created the EasyShare range of digital cameras, designed to make taking and sharing photos more accessible. The cameras slot onto a 'dock', a device that recharges the camera, uploads the photos onto your computer, and can even print the images directly, without the aid of a computer.

There are three types of Kodak Digital Cameras: CX, DX and LS.

The Kodak CX cameras range in price from around $100 to $350 and are the easiest to use. The most basic model, the CX6200, has 2.0 effective megapixels, which will give you prints of 8" x 10". The CX7430 has 4.0 megapixels, giving you prints of 20" x 30". The CX cameras have between 3x and 4x digital zoom. They all have pre-set scene modes for point-and-shoot simplicity and offer video capture modes.

Going up a gear, the Kodak DX cameras are priced from $250 to $600. The DX6340 has 3.1 megapixels and prints up to 11" x 14", whereas the more expensive DX7630 has 6.1 megapixels and prints up to 30" x 40". They have between 3x and 4x digital zoom. The camera has the usual scene modes for ease of use and lets you have more creative control than the CX series. Other features include continuous video and audio recording with on-camera playback, and also indoor and outdoor displays so that you can see what you have taken in any lighting conditions.

The LS series cost $300 and upwards. The LS633 has 3.1 megapixels, which again will make prints of 11" x 14". The LS753 has 5.0 megapixels for making prints up to 20" x 30". These cameras have between 3.3 and 3.6 digital zoom. They come with video and audio recording and playback and multi-scene modes. Their metallic body and improved low-light performance make them a stylish and practical alternative to the DX cameras.

Kodak has a specially designed film for a high quality picture. The range of Kodak Advantix film includes film for versatility, high definition and digital shots for digital pictures without using a digital camera. To learn more about Kodak digital cameras go here.

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Digital Cameras
Kodak Digital Cameras


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