Fujifilm Digital Cameras

Fuji Finepix digital cameras range from the affordable and automatic to the slightly more expensive professional series.

For the simplest camera, the A205, $100 will get you 2.0 effective megapixels and 3x optical zoom; the S2 Pro is yours for around $1500, along with its 6.17 effective megapixels and 1x zoom.

The A205 has 2.0 effective megapixels, allowing you to enlarge and print comfortably at 8" x 10", and a 3x zoom lens, which is the equivalent of 36-108mm on a 35mm camera. The flash options include auto mode, manual mode, red-eye reduction, fill-in flash and synchro, or you can turn it off altogether. You can also make mini-movies up to 80 seconds long at 10 frames per second (fps).

If you are looking for a more sophisticated camera, the Fuji F700 is priced at around $500 and has 6.2 effective megapixels and 3x optical zoom. It offers increased quality of colour reproduction and sensitivity to shadow/highlight details. The image quality parameters, such as ISO rating and colour (standard, chrome, B&W) can be accessed quickly. A continuous auto focus button keeps moving objects in focus until you are ready to freeze the action. You have increased creative control in manual mode with aperture and shutter speed priority modes, or simply use the pre-set scene modes for point-and-shoot simplicity.

In the $500 - $1000 price bracket, the technology gets more advanced and you can start recording movies with sound at 30 fps. The Fuji S7000 comes in at around $700 with 6.3 effective megapixels and 6x zoom. Its high image quality will give you clear prints up to 11" x 17". It has a continuous shooting mode of 1.6 fps for up to 40 frames and a wide range of ISO equivalent light sensitivities, from 160 - 800 in auto, 200 - 800 in manual.

The heavyweight of the Fujifilm Finepix range is the S2 Pro, which gives the professional digital camera user upgraded shooting, editing, storage and transferral features. With ISO sensitivity ratings from the equivalent of 100 - 1600, continuous shooting of 2 fps for up to 7 frames, and compatibility with F-mount lenses, the S2 Pro is strong competition for the other professional standard digital cameras on the market.

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Digital Cameras
Fujifilm Digital Cameras


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