Cheap Digital Cameras

There is an overabundance of cheap digital camera sites on the web. You could spend hours searching and comparing prices on various sites, determined to find that 8.0 megapixel SLR for under $100.

Online camera retaliers are able to offer discount digital cameras because they don't have the overheads of high street shops. They can thus take the difference off the price of the camera, often to the advantage of the discerning customer.

Before you go and buy yourself something cheap, think about what you are really looking for when you say you want a 'cheap digital camera'. You have to remember that there is a difference between price and value - often a cheap camera will compromise on important features such as resolution or lens quality.

Decide what the most important aspects of a digital camera are for you: resolution (how big do you want to print the photos?); zoom (how close do you want to get to the action?); do you want on-camera editing functions? manual exposure? pre-set scene modes?

You can buy a digital camera for under $50 if you accept the limitations of reduced resolution. If you are happy to stray from the big names and go for a little-known brand, you might get an excellent camera without paying for the trademark - but would the quality assurance be there?

Then again, if you only want to use your digital camera on auto mode, in daylight conditions and print them in 6 x 4, what's the point in paying $1000 for extra features such as aperture priority mode and 6.0 megapixels? With digital cameras, the sky's the limit in terms of added features and complicated functions. If you are only ever going to use 10% of your camera's features, you are probably buying the wrong camera, but having a little bit extra might be a good thing if you decide later on that you want to experiment and be more creative with your photography.

Do your research, choose a camera that suits your needs (does it have the right resolution, zoom, easy handling for you?) and then shop around for a good deal. One vendor might be offering a 32mb memory card for the price of another vendor's 16mb. Watch out for this kind of deal because, once you start clicking, you'll be glad of the extra space. Your inner David Bailey won't thank you if he has to transfer the images to computer every ten photos.

So, buy the best resolution and optics you can afford, with the handling system that suits you, and you are bound to be happy with the results.

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Digital Cameras
Cheap Digital Cameras


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